UltiClip Holster

The UltiClip holster utilizes the UltiClip clip to clamp on to any article of clothing.  Instead of needing a belt to keep the holster in your pants when drawn, the ulticlip can be be clipped on to your waistband, purse pocket, or any other static piece.  These holsters are ideal for carrying inside the waistband with or with out a belt.  We have also configured the clip so that the cant can be adjusted from 0* to 10* forward.

You can choose to place the clip either on the front or back side of the holster which works well if you're wanting to clip it inside your jacket front pocket.  However, we don't recommend putting the clip on the back and carrying OWB with this product.  You can also choose to do both front and back and we will send the holster molded with blocking on both sides, but only 1 clip that you can switch from side to side as you choose.


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UltiClip Holster

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